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Skeebop gives parents the tools and information to raise creative children.

Skeebop features a directory of enriching schools and programs, as well as an events calendar for families in the tri-state area. Skeebop also offers ways to be creative at home. Check out our growing video library of DIY crafts and other creative activities.

Skeebop also features a magazine and community where parents can get tips and interact with experts and other parents about the arts.


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Q: What does Skeebop offer?

Skeebop offers families the tools to live creative lives. Specifically, that means aspirational and inspirational entertainment like music videos and DIY activities and a directory of enriching events and programs. Most important Skeebop is a community of parents and artists. So, when you want to know how kids and families feel about Suzuki violin lessons, head over to the forums and connect with other families.

Q: Should I join Skeebop?

Yes! A Skeebop member can share and collect their favorite arts programs, articles and videos to view later. Members also get access to our downloadable coupons and discounts. They can even create a playlist of our video programming - curated just for kids. Through our Discussions, parents can engage each other about arts programs, instruments, teachers or whatever is on your mind. And when your little violinist decides to switch to guitar, you can use our Marketplace to find it a loving home. To learn more about this FREE resource, click the FAQ ink below.

Q: What age is Skeebop suitable for?

Skeebop is suitable for all ages. However, we are most relatable to families with children between the ages of 0-14 years old.

Q: Can I list my event on Skeebop?

Yes.  We invite you to Add Your Event. You do not have to be the owner or organizer of an event.  Just please insure that it is enriching.  All submitted content is subject to review.  Once approved, you will be notified.

Q: Can I list my business on Skeebop?

Yes, please do! Go to "Add Your Listing" in the menu under Learn or click here. Be sure to verify that you are the owner so that you can update your listing.

Q: Are there fees to list my business with Skeebop?

Skeebop is first and foremost a marketplace, so it is FREE to list your business. We also provides several self-serve marketing opportunities to make your business and it's Skeebop listing more visible. Read about those free services, HERE.
However, we realize that many small business owners and teaching artists are busy doing what they do best...teaching. So, we do offer a premium member subscription for $40 per year that makes marketing your business and maintaining your listing easier and faster.
Click HERE for premium member pricing.

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