The lists are in and there's probably a few items that may not have been your first choice.   No fear.  Don't give up or give in just yet.  There is still time to get a gift that is fun and fulfilling.

Heres's a few ideas that are sure to excite and inspire children of all ages.  (Did I mention you'll also be quite pleased with yourself.)

1.  DIY ELECTRO DOUGH KIT  by  Technology Will Save Us

front_Dough_web-306x216Ages 4+  $25

Play-doh on steroids! Create sculptures and scenes using dough, then bring them to life with light and sound. Use your own pre-made dough or make dough using their recipe.  Added bonus:  a Youtube channel with tutorials and examples.  Order by 2pm on December 18th and get it by Christmas.



2.   DIY SYNTH KIT  by Technology Will Save Us

Ages 12+  $40

So nice, we had to do it twice!  For the older kids, Technology Will Save Us offers several cool DIY, STEAM-friendly projects.  Our fav is this synthesizer which creates real electronic music.  Their music video, made with this kit, says it all.  This is definitely on my list.  Daddy, hands-off!   Dec. 18th 2pm cutoff for Christmas delivery.



WorksofAhh_1Ages 4+  $15.99

Works of Ahhh wood painting kit. Create your very own work of art with these wood painting kits. The kit contains everything you need to finish your own work of art.  Brainstorm and test your design before you pick up your brush with the Works of Ahh - 3D Paining App.   The painting kit is available online or in stores like Kmart, Walmart and JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores.



4.  GIANT ART JAR  by Alex Toys

art-suppliesAges 4+   $35.99

Stimulate your child's creative juices with art supplies.  Head over to your local craft store and pick up an assortment of art supplies.  This award winning bucket of art supplies from Alex Toys is a great shortcut and will surely satisfy any creative inkling.  It's available online and at most big chain stores.  Not sure what to make with all those pipe cleaners, feathers, sequins, glitter glue, pom poms?  Check out Skeebop's DIY Craft videos for tons of holiday art projects.




LFB_1All Ages.  All prices.

Whether you are bringing a beloved bedtime story to life or having a night out on the town with the family, a true theatrical family experience will be a cherished memory.  It might even inspire your child to give the performing arts a try.  Check out Skeebop's event listings for a show near you.




All Ages.  All prices.

After inspiration, comes experience.  Surprise your budding artist with a class or two.  Most programs have a gift certificate, trial class, and/ or day camp.  Which means you can try before you buy.   Even better.  Support that institution with a membership and watch the discounts and perks flow in all year.  Check out the membership perks at Children's Museum of the Arts.


7.   BAND IN A BOX  by Land of Nod

band-in-a-boxAges 3+  $29

These percussive instruments are perfect for little hands.  Includes triangle, tambourine, rhythm sticks, cymbals, clapper and maracas.  What we like about these instruments is that they are instruments.  There's no need for flashing lights or noisy electronic sounds to get a child's attention.  Kids are naturally drawn to rhythm and sound.  Make up your own music or play along to your favorite song.



8.  RUBY'S SKY-HIGH CABLE CAR by Goldie Blox

Ages 6+   $14.99

Ruby is an avid programmer, but did you know she’s a major thrill-seeker, too? Not only does she skydive, but her best coding happens high above BloxTown on the aerial cable cars.  The Goldie Blox products are incredibly STEAM-friendly and more important, designed to even the playing field in science and technology where men far outnumber women. Builds spatial skills, engineering principles (tension), and confidence in problem solving.  Available online or at ToysRus.

The Gift of Creativity