Here at Skeebop we make a lot of recommendations.  What you may not know is that Skye and I like to try some of the programs.  There's no better recommendation then one that has been kid tested and approved.  Let us know what you did last weekend. #skeebopweekend

This past weekend we made Sunday our Funday.  The schedule was ambitious but we got it all in.

12:00pm:  Kids Breaking at EXPG-NY with Victor "Kid Glyde" Alicea  ($20)

Since Skye loves hip hop music and dance we decided to explore some of the cities options.  We literally stumbled upon EXPG while indulging in Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken which is next door on 2nd Avenue.

At first Glance Skye thought it was for the little kids because she was taller and about a year older than the other kids but before long she was focused on the instructor Kid Glyde's choreography and totally forgot about her insecurities. Soon bigger and more experienced kids joined and they were excellent.  The hour included choreography, tumbling practice on a mat and a freeze dance contest where kids could really show off their individual dance styles while having fun.

Kid Glyde was excellent at managing the various skill levels.  After each routine, he asked each kid to individually show him the steps. That allowed Skye to get the individual help she needed.  There's no doubt that after a few classes she will show improvement.

Skye: "It was fun and we played a lot of games."  On Kid Glyde:  "He was really nice and patient."

1:30pm - 3:30pm: DJ Questlove Breaks for Kids Presented by Rock n Roll Playhouse @ Brooklyn Bowl ($12 ea)


Rock n Roll Playhouse specializes in kid parties every weekend, so it's no surprise that they went all out on this holiday

event.  Questlove on the 1's & 2's simply made it legendary.  After working up an appetite at Break Dancing we grabbed a bit at Brooklyn Bowl's Blue Ribbon.  Then shewas off.  Limbo, Santa photo op, parachute games and of course lots and lots of dancing and running.

Skye: "I liked the music.  It was a lot of the songs that we listen to now."


4:30pm - 5:30pm: Coding with Droids from Star Wars @ Apple Store (Free)

A new Apple Store in downtown Brooklyn just a hop skip and jump from my house.  Had to check it out.  When you sign up for the class, Apple provides each kid with an iPad and a Star Wars android.  The large screens are perfect for instruction and the staff is incredibly patient, welcoming and kind.  The class is so engaging it's a perfect parent-child activity.  Ages 6-12.

Skye: "That was really fun.  It was fun to code the droids to move around, change colors and make them make sounds."

Skye’s Skeebop Weekend: Breaking & Coding