Correction!  M.O.M is not only rapper, Princess Superstar's alter ego - it's her new role.  Concetta Kirschner (aka Princess Superstar), who once donned a mini skirt and rapped about being a Bad Babysitter, is now a mom to a 5 year old girl.  Motherhood hasn't changed the 20 year industry vet.  Concetta is still serious about music and is using her lyricist skills to create music the whole family will enjoy.  The album, These Are The Magic Days! due out Spring 2017, features hip hop, electronic dance beats and themes every parent will appreciate: emotional intelligence, love, connection and empathy.  M.O.M is a woman who practices what she preaches.  She's raising money with the help of Fractured Atlas to make the album available for FREE.

What inspired you to start making music for kids?

I had my kid and started looking around for music to play her. Yikes, there wasn’t a lot I liked!  Also, I am really into attachment parenting and peaceful parenting and thought- wow who is a rapper and also into this stuff?  Nobody- So I better do it! And I did.

What is emotional intelligence and why is it so important?

Emotional Intelligence, also called EQ, is unbelievably important to anyone’s happiness or success. So many problems as adults were a result of us not getting our emotional needs met as a child. It’s not our parents’ fault, it goes back through the ancestry. But as parents we can break the cycle. It’s important to let kids feel their feelings and express them and for us to respect them, and to try to meet those emotional needs as best we can. I highly recommend Dr. Laura Markham who teaches peaceful parenting and has influenced me a lot.

Tell us about the Indigogo campaign and what you will achieve if it's fully funded?

My Indiegogo campaign is running until August 12 and there you can pre-order the album and order everything from custom made chocolate bars to your kid singing on the album! After that I’ll be fundraising on Fractured Atlas.

I’ll be making an amazing album and another video at least; the more I raise the more I can make. My vision is to create a next level Sesame Street type show for the new generation of kids and parents who want bad-ass aesthetically cool media with meaning.

What was the inspiration behind the single, Put Down Your iPad, I'll Put Down My Phone?


click to watch!


I just noticed the rampant iPhone addiction amongst adults (including myself!) and the iPad addiction in the kids and wanted to write about it in a fun way.

I think there will be some long term implications with all of this technology use in our families.


Why is it important to foster creativity in your home?

Creativity is joy! Creativity saved my life personally. Children are free and creative naturally,  it’s so important to not squash it.

What creative things does your family do at home and in your community?

We dance, sing, write songs, sing and dress up in costumes to do old musicals, do homemade crafts, paint, joke, play dress up, garden, play with shaving cream- everything! also I think it’s important to be creative when you’re doing boring things or just walking down the street. We will sing or make up stories anywhere and can bring fun to day to day situations.

Can you give us an example of how your family gets down, creatively?


We always dress up and do old musicals- here is my husband and daughter doing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Meet Princess Superstar’s New Alter Ego: M.O.M