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Do you know what the average elementary school art teacher makes?  It's anywhere from $40-$50,000 a year.  Not to mention, due to budget cuts, there are fewer and fewer of these coveted roles. The ones who are employed, teach a minimum of 500 kids each week.  Year after year, study after study, it's proven that arts education has collateral benefits but these are the first programs to go.

What does that mean for your family?  Well, it's pretty clear the expectation are high, the benefits are high, but the reality is - with only 45 minutes of arts education a week, the impact is low.  And for those in low income communities - those that need it most, well, there are a different set of stats for them.  These are the facts for the most fortunate.

We parents instinctively know the benefits of art education and seek out supplemental programs.  These are the teaching artists that can be found on Skeebop.  As entrepreneurs, their road is even harder.  At Skeebop we hear all the challenges these individuals face to bring your child the enrichment they need.  Finding and funding space is the biggest challenge.  Then there is supplies, staffing and of course, marketing, which includes everything from website development to social networking to advertising. Their sweat equity is off the charts.  Unfortunately, the cost of finding new students and sustaining a space in New York's rising real estate market is really hard and many of these businesses just can't stay afloat.  That's the main reason Skeebop feels it's important to offer free ways to market these businesses.  These programs enhance our children and our community and need to be supported.

One of Skeebop's early adopters is Brooklyn Doodles.  An art education play-group that emphasizes teaching and learning through meaningful play and hands on creative experiences.  Children from 22 months to 12 years old are exposed to mediums and techniques used by professional adult artists.  They hold classes in different locations throughout Brooklyn.  This month, Brooklyn Doodles is holding their Spring fundraiser. You'll be surprised how modest their goals are.  It just goes to show how far a few dollars can go.  We interviewed, Danielle Katz, founder and teacher.

Q What is BK Doodles?

Brooklyn Doodles is an arts-based enrichment program that offers a preschool alternative, art classes, and art workshops for children ages 15 months to 12 years old.

Q What community do you serve?

Our program started in April 2013 with one art class. Today we are a full enrichment program that serves communities in various Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Q Tell us about your fundraiser?

Our spring fundraiser helps us to build and expand our program. With the partnership and support of other local businesses, the money raised from the event goes towards funding the various enrichment classes we provide to our families for the school year- science workshops, yoga, puppet shows, Spanish story-time.

Your ticket of $37.92 will not only support BKD but we'll also have lots of music, dancing and of course, art.

Q What are your fundraising goals?

The goal of this year's fundraiser is $3,500.

Q Why is it important for the community to support BK Doodle?

Having the community support BKD helps to strengthen and build our program. Last year, through these community partnerships, we were able to offer our first summer camp and provide scholarships to families who otherwise would not have been able to afford camp for their children.

Read more about the fundraiser, here.

To purchase tickets or donate, click here.

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