In name and in action, Skeebop supports raising creative kids. The ability to create something from virtually nothing is a stepping stone to creatively solving any problem. So, from time to time Skeebop leaves the confines of the internet and hosts a craft table at outdoor events. Kids of all ages use the same materials to create their own unique piece of art. The diligence they embody while crafting their vision and the pride they possess after its completion is truly inspiring.

The Brooklyn Museum knows this all too well. With an offering of 9 classes for children under 18 years old, toddler and pre-school programs, as well as educator-led lessons for school groups, this prestigious institution has demonstrated not only a commitment to Brooklyn's artists but it's children as well. The Fall semester starts October 7th and there are still spaces available. Noé Gaytán, the museum's Gallery/Studio Program Coordinator, explains why learning to create art at the Brooklyn Museum is a special experience for any child.

How would you describe the The Youth Gallery/Studio Program at Brooklyn Museum?

Gallery/Studio Program at the Brooklyn Museum is a one of a kind experience. The program is as unique as the artworks in our collection. It is a place to connect with art by creating art. Students are guided through the museum and engage with the work on display through discussion and gallery activities. Then, students head into the studio and learn new techniques for working with materials. While some programs are more academic and focus on technical aspects of art-making, we combine concept and technique to guide students in creating a work of art that expresses their own unique ideas.

What ages to you teach and how diverse are the offerings?

The Brooklyn Museum offers art classes for people as young as two years old! Our different programs are set up so that students “graduate” from one to the next. For ages 2-3 we have Meet the Museum, for 4-6 we offer Family Art Magic, and then for 6 to adult we have Gallery/Studio Program. These are the main art-making programs for people who want to make art in a museum. We are also on the cutting edge of teen programs with InterseXtions: Gender & Sexuality and our Museum Apprentice Program.

What makes the Gallery/Studio Program at the Brooklyn museum unique/special?

Gallery/Studio Program is unique because we work with expert Teaching Artists who dream up art projects that you are not likely to see anywhere else. Our instructors are all exhibiting artists, and this sets us apart from other programs that use art school students or people who focus on teaching rather than making art. We also make sure to use the highest quality materials so the resulting projects have a professional polish. And of course, because our classes are connecting to our exhibitions, these are not art classes you will see anywhere else. But what makes Gallery/Studio Program a truly special experience is that students get to exhibit their artwork at the Brooklyn Museum!

You offer scholarships. What can you tell us about the scholarship process? Are there scholarships available now?

YES! We do offer scholarships. The Brooklyn Museum is deeply committed to making art accessible. Anybody who is interested can apply. There is a small fee, but that is only used to ensure that applicants are serious about the class. Scholarships are available every semester. Our fall semester is just around the corner and the scholarship application deadline has passed, but anybody that is interested can still reach out to me directly and we can try and work something out. I’m very open to discussing different options.


A Unique Experience in Brooklyn Museum’s Youth Art Classes